Black Candle Makers Club East Coast Meetup!


 Last weekend, I had the tremendous pleasure of attending the Black Candle Maker's Club East Coast Meet Up in New Jersey. It was everything and more!

I joined the Black Candle Maker's Club in November 2020. I wanted to join a candle community where Black candle Makers were embraced, accepted, and respected. BCMC exceeded my expectations and truly made me feel like I am family. 

The Black Candle Maker's Club was founded shortly after the murder of George Floyd. The founder, Julia Gilder-Amposah, saw a need for Black candle maker's to have a space where they not only learn how to be successful candle makers but also be a part of a community where they feel safe to share their stories, raise awareness and share their feelings about racial injustice, etc. This was lacking in other candle groups.

Soon after, the group began to grow in popularity, and today we are 12k strong! I am a proud member of BCMC and one of five moderators who are not only my fellow candle makers but also my family.

Escape Room  - American Dream Mall

The BCMC East coast meetup started with a fun escape room activity which we solved with seconds to spare! It was a fun team-building activity that was enjoyed by all. Later that day, we all went to lunch, where we shared some good laughs and ate delicious food.


ReWax and UnWine Candle Bar

Saturday was the main event. We met up for brunch and Mimosas at ReWax and UnWine Candle Bar owned by the beautiful Ashley Shillingford. Her space is so cute and cozy. You can find out more about her business here.


Bowlero Bowling Alley

We tied a bow around the BCMC meetup on Saturday night with a fun night of bowling, food, and good laughs at Bowlero bowling alley. We said our goodbyes and ended the night on an amazing high! 

The BCMC East coast meetup was everything I needed and more. I am so thankful for my sister Jewelz for allowing God to continuously work through her and make BCMC the wonderfully amazing group that it is! She never ceases to amaze us and it will only get better from here!  I can't wait for the next meetup - BCMC is headed to the west coast, baby!!

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