5 Ways to Find Harmony in Your Life!

5 Ways to Find Harmony in Your Life!

Summer is in full swing, and I love it! I am enjoying this hot weather, spending time with family, and just enjoying life!

The summer months are always my busiest season because I am always selling at trade shows. For the past few weeks, I have been all over the city selling my candles.

Also, the final weeks of school were coming to a close as well, so I had to really get it together (LOL).

I learned that I didn’t have to choose between school, FlowEsScents, and my personal life, but I had to find harmony between two significant entities in my life.

photo of brown wooden boardwalk nearby sea

Here are 5 ways to find harmony in your personal and professional life:

1. Prioritize. Be clear on what needs to be done and when. Deadlines are a great way to organize your work and personal life.

2. Set clear boundaries. Boundaries are not a bad word. It is actually how we build a safe space for ourselves. It’s how we navigate and protect our relationships. When you set clear boundaries, you are putting yourself first. For example, not responding to emails or calls after work hours is a boundary.

3. Say NO. You are not obligated to help everyone or say yes to everything.

4. Rest. That’s all.

5. Be kind to yourself. You are human. You deserve the same kindness and compassion that you give to others. Rome wasn’t built in one day, so you can’t do it all in one day either. Give yourself grace and know you did your best.

I hope this helps. Did I miss anything?

Thank you for being a part of the FlowEsScents tribe.

Until next time, Shontelle - The Candle Curator

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