Cheers to 44!

Cheers to 44!

Last Wednesday, I celebrated my 44th birthday.
I woke up feeling excited, grateful, and reflective about my birthday. In my mind, my 40's are flying by. It seems like yesterday I was celebrating my 40th birthday, and now I am celebrating my 44th birthday! Time flies.

During my birthday week, I was intentional about focusing on myself. I spend a lot of my time and effort helping others. In my 44 years, I have learned the importance of boundary-setting and not feeling guilty for setting them. Last week, I did everything that made me happy and fulfilled. I watched a few movies on Netflix, indulged in my favorite snacks, talked to my mom on the phone, made candles, and lived in the moment. It felt good. I spent the weekend at my favorite restaurants with family and friends to top it all off.

I am grateful for 44 years on this earth, in good health, and surrounded by loving friends and family. A lot has happened over the past couple of years, and it has helped me hone in on the things that truly matter in my life. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, and we must live our lives to the fullest.



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