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FlowEsScents Fall Scents are Here!

October 02, 2021 1 min read

Hello Friends,

I hope this email finds you well. It's Friday! Woohoo!

I am stopping by today to let you know that the FlowEsScents Fall Scents are here, and I am so excited! Fall is my second favorite time of year. I love the transition from summer to fall, and if I had it my way, I would love to have fall weather year-round!

Last year I curated Fall scents that remind me of fun and evoke positive memories of the Fall season, like fallen leaves, cozy sweaters, apple orchard, hayrides, and my favorite, coffee and I am happy to bring them back.

My scent curation process entails scents that I love and scents that I know you will enjoy! If you follow me on social media, I am always seeking input from my tribe to find out what you like, dislike, and improve.

AUTUMN - Pumpkin Rum Cake + Vanilla

COFFEE & CONVERSATION– Fresh Coffee + Hazelnut

COZY SWEATER - Cashmere Plum + Amber Noir

CUFFING SEASON - Nag Champa + Sandalwood + Tonka + Oud (Customer Fave)

FALL LEAVES - Sandalwood + Orange

HARVEST - Apple + Cinnamon Chai

HAYRIDE - Cedarwood + Vanilla (Customer Fave)

HOLIDAY - Cranberry + Apple +Marmalade

You can find our new Fall scents under the Specialty Scents candle collection and Skincare collection.

Wishing you a fun and safe weekend!

Until next time,

Shontelle - The Candle Curator

Shontelle Flowers
Shontelle Flowers

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