Summer Candle Care 101

As the summer heat begins to embrace us, we at FlowEsScents understand the importance of preserving the quality and longevity of your candles. With the rising temperatures, it is crucial to implement proper care and attention to ensure your candles continue to emanate their captivating aromas. Therefore, we have compiled some essential guidelines to help you easily navigate the summer months and maintain the optimal performance of your candles. 

  1. Storage Matters: During the sweltering summer days, storing your candles in a cool and dry place is crucial. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or placing them near heat sources like radiators, stoves, or vents. Extreme heat can cause the wax to soften, resulting in misshapen candles or even potential leakage of wax. Optimal storage conditions will help preserve the integrity of your candles.
  2. Timing is Everything: Consider when you choose to light your candles during the summer. The cooler hours of the day, such as mornings or evenings, are ideal for enjoying the soothing ambiance of your candles. By avoiding the hottest parts of the day, you can prevent excessive heat from accelerating the melting process and prolong the burn time of your candles.
  3. Trimming Wicks: Regular wick maintenance ensures a clean and efficient burn. Before each use, trim the wick to approximately ¼ inch before each use to prevent excessive flickering, mushrooming, and uneven burning. A well-trimmed wick not only promotes a steady flame but also minimizes soot production and prolongs the lifespan of your candles.
  4. Protect from Breezes: When lighting candles outdoors during summer gatherings or relaxing moments on the patio, be mindful of breezy conditions. Even a gentle breeze can cause the flame to flicker or extinguish, leading to an uneven burn. Consider using candle shades or lanterns to shield the flame and ensure a consistent and prolonged burn experience.
  5. Optimal Burn Times: Limiting burn sessions to 3-4 hours is recommended to avoid overheating your candles. Allowing the candle to cool down entirely between uses prevents excessive heat build-up and ensures a more even burn. Embracing this practice during summer will help you make the most out of your candles while preserving their impeccable fragrances.
  6. Travel with Care: If you're planning a summer getaway, take precautions when transporting your candles. Place them in a secure container to prevent accidental damage or heat exposure during transit. Keeping them away from direct sunlight and storing them in a cool location will ensure their safe arrival at your destination.

By adhering to these simple yet effective tips, you can enjoy the warm glow and enchanting fragrances of your candles throughout the summer. At FlowEsScents, we remain committed to providing superior products and exceptional customer care. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team.

Thank you for choosing FlowEsScents as your trusted candle provider. We wish you a delightful summer filled with tranquility and aromatic joy!

Warm regards,

Shontelle - Founder & CEO

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