What are you doing?

Whew! This week went by fast. I have finally come up for air and can talk to you again.

Last week, I was working on my dissertation, and boy, did it get intense! I was working on it every day, all day. I was stressing, and that's when I knew I was not in alignment! I asked myself, "What are you doing?!"

Listen, working on a dissertation and building a business is no small feat, and it takes sacrifice. Over the past year, I have been managing these two major entities in my life and it is not easy.

So what does that have to do with candles, you ask?

Here's the answer. Candles are known for their de-stressing and calming properties. I think I can speak for most if not all of us that life gets hectic, and we need to release the stress and overwhelm that rears its head in our lives.

Last week I was STRESSED and needed something calming and relaxing to assist me while I spent the weekend writing. I grabbed one of my Good Vibes (White sage + Lavender) candles. The lavender notes were soothing and relaxing, while the aroma of white sage elevated my mood and calmed me down so I could focus better.

**This is a great candle if you work remotely and like to burn candles to improve focus!

I hope this information was helpful. Let me know if I missed anything.

Until next time,

Shontelle - The Candle Curator

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