About the Owner

I have always loved candles and skincare products. Whenever I am at the store, I automatically go to the candle and skincare aisles. I would spend so much time smelling all of the wonderful scents and trying to narrow down which ones I wanted. Little did I know that many of those candles and skincare products I loved so much were full of chemicals that were harmful to our bodies as well as harmful to the environment. Creating natural soy candles and skin care products and sharing them with the world is my passion.

FlowEsScents started out as a hobby. I love to create so it only made sense that I create the two things I love most-candles and natural skin care products! The thing I love most about being a creator is that the possibilities are endless! I started this journey in January 2015 creating soy candles. It was an enjoyable and fulfilling past time for me and I loved sharing my creations with family and friends (still do). This soon turned into something bigger and I found myself getting requests from family and friends offering to purchase my candles and skin care products. . It was then that I decided to take the two things I really loved and start my own business. I did my research, perfected my recipes and today I present to you FlowEsScents.