Our Story

 My passion for fragrances, candles and skincare kickstarted my desire to create products that helped me relax and also served as a therapeutic means of destressing from my job as an IT Business Analyst where I felt overlooked, undervalued and ignored as a result I struggled with workplace anxiety and needed to find a way to find my peace.  I was able to turn that around and use passion to help others do the same. 

I started making candles and skincare products in my home as a hobby to destress from workplace anxiety and as a means of sharing my products with my family and friends as gifts for birthdays and any gift-giving occasion (gift-giving is my love language). 

After a year of honing my craft and learning about the industry, I decided to turn my hobby into a business and it was one of the best decisions I made! 

FlowEsScents is founded on the belief that all women deserve self-care however, research studies show that Black women deal with more stress and racism than any other group, and we understand how this negatively impacts our physical, mental, and emotional health - especially in the workplace. It is a lifestyle brand that empowers Black women in corporate to prioritize and curate luxurious self-care experiences that help them destress, relax and find their peace. 


Welcome to our tribe! I am thankful for you and I hope you enjoy it here!


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